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Heat retention cooking has been around for a while, but is enjoying greater attention as people seek to be more economical and “green.” The concept involves bringing food to a boil for a specific amount of time and then moving … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Naturally Increase Energy Levels

Tiredness is natural if you have worked hard.  Tiredness means ‘job done,’ and as a result there is more melatonin going round your system and less serotonin. This is your body’s signal that it’s time to rest. Conversely, exhaustion including … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly cleaning with cream of tartar – Good for baking and cleaning, it turns out

 Cream of tartar? Before I could commit to cleaning with it, I wanted to know what this stuff even was. What is that weird white powder that hides in the back of every spice rack? Well…   Cream of tartar is a potassium-based … Continue reading

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The 10 Biggest Face-Washing Mistakes

Washing your face seems like the least complicated part of your beauty routine, right? Turns out that some common lathering habits can cause a whole list of skin woes, including dryness, irritation, oiliness, and breakouts. Read on to learn the 10 … Continue reading

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Green Gardens, Green Gardening

There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful garden. However, your garden can place a heavy burden on nature unless you take steps to keep it environmentally friendly. Here are some of the best ways to keep your garden green, … Continue reading

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What Do You Know About Fair Trade?

  After the Bangladesh factory collapse, horrible images circulated widely detailing the story of more than 1,000 people dying in an unimaginable tragedy. This one incident seemed to wake people up to the horrors of indentured and slave labor and … Continue reading

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Think You Know How To Drink Water? Dehydration, 8 glasses a day and more –

Bust the myths and discover the facts about our favorite drinkable staple.   Take a look around. Right this very second there’s a water bottle within a 10-foot radius of where you’re sitting. How did it get there? A drop of physiological … Continue reading

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