Whooping Cough:

A friend, Graham just brought this to my attention:

Whooping Cough:

Message to Parents in the South West UK and further.
Whooping cough is spreading like crazy around Bristol and the whole of South West. It is very contagious and disables the cilia in the lungs.
Ways of prevention:
Keeping your children topped up with healthy fermented foods.
Raw garlic or Forever Garlic Tyhme capsules https://goo.gl/v5f9na
Royal jelly https://goo.gl/hxnA8z and Bee Propolis https://goo.gl/THnuzF
Oregano oil.
Turmeric and ginger, in Forever Actie HA https://goo.gl/nqfQKG
Lysine in Forever Lycium plus https://goo.gl/a5mAZ4 and of course
Clean pure water acid free Cheddar natural Spring Water https://goo.gl/M3FcRq
Lots of sunshine and sun gazing in the evenings.
Keep children away from dampness and Damp areas if your child is effected or you are concerned your child might be. If your child is effected please don’t ignore the symptoms and think it might go away. Pertussis effects Babies and young children are usually most severely affected by whooping cough.
They’re at an increased risk of:
breathing difficulties
weight loss
pneumonia – an infection of the lungs
fits (seizures)
kidney problems
brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the brain
death – although this is very rare
If effected the child or adult needs Strong (natural) antibiotics like some of those mentioned.
Silver is a powerful ally.
If you’re thinking of vaccinating. Take a look at this.
Directly from the cdc website
“While pertussis vaccines are the most effective tool to prevent this disease, no vaccine is 100% effective. When pertussis circulates in the community, there is a chance that a fully vaccinated person, of any age, can catch this disease. If you have gotten the pertussis vaccine you can still get sick.”
I strongly believe that this may correlate with the recent pertussis vaccination
Program in Bristol. There is a shedding period after vaccinations. This means that a vaccinated child should be quarantine for at least 5 days.
Take a look at this
www.bristolhealthpartners.org.uk › more…
The recent immunisation programme in the UK is expanding and changing in Bristol with the introduction of more vaccine preventable diseases such as pertussis.”


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