LOR – Finally things are moving on

Thanks to Patrick, who has identified someone who can rebuild the toilet step things are moving on.

When James arrived on Riley this is what he encountered. this is the result of many years of drip leakage.


No toilet just the hole and no water, due to it being switched off at the mains.

The water is not  a problem – thanks to the toilet/ shower blocks. Drinking water get fetch on a special fountain anyway. The mains water has too much chlorine in it.

I have now ordered the parts (the flange seals) that are broken, then everything can be put together again.

here the old pics – not for the faint of heart.


I am so pleased the company sends parts directly to Spain.

Soon we will be back to this:


Oh before I forget; I did upload the videos that were still on my camera after getting my laptop fixed.

The repair was a story of nightmares:-

The service from HP ( I paid for this “service” for 3 years – not cheap) which was less than satisfactory. There was no communication that helped, when there was nobody knew what was going on.The Laptop came back unrepaired, I wasn’t informed what the fault was, nor when it was arriving after HP having had it in their hands for eight working days.

AND it was delivered and just left at the front door on the porch for everyone to see and no note or sms …, not only that it now had a dent on the flip top.

So the whole repair scenario started a new: It took another 10 working days.  I had to pay £180 for the repair! AND again the delivery was as horrifying as before, only this time I  saw the delivery happen coming down the street from walking the dogs.

I could swear I have aged 5 years with this experience and am multiple phone calls poorer.

Anyhow here the videos- unplugged or not edited . Sorry for that. I hope you still enjoy them. I will try harder next time.



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