1 Month – Life of Riley

Today’s just a short one…

No wind today, it feels a lot hotter than it is. The weather report says 21 Celsius, however it feels like 25 or more. I got my swimming costume out. I haven’t worn it in 10 years or so.

I went to the pool – OMG it’s colder than I thought. Once in I’m alright and swam a few rounds.

Today is also the day we have our first Al Fresco lunch. The dogs would rather be inside, even though it is warmer in Riley than out under the shade of the awning.

I also managed to wash the windows ( I was lazy only did the front and two sides, the ones we always look out of).

I still haven’t been up on the roof. I left it too long this morning then it was too hot to go up.

Whoopee I managed to get up on the roof, it’s Sunday Morning. I took the silicone with me but having got up there I noticed it had dried out – Bum! The forecast says rain for later today, Monday and Tuesday. I will just have to put a cloth up against the drip then and hope for a lot of drying out until I get the stuff needed to repair. It is in whole a bigger job. All seals do need redoing this summer, but I had hoped for an intermediate quick fix.


It’s raining today, so we have decided to use the time to do grocery shopping. This time we went to Lidl just up the road. What a surprise, it is huge. A lot bigger than in the UK and it has a butchers in it. I did a humongous shop and was expecting it to cost me more than 100 euros – it came out at 82 euros. Phew! I wasn’t even sure whether I can get all the stuff into the cupboards in Riley.

I don’t enjoy going shopping of any sort ( even window shopping bores me after a little while).

I got all the stuff in, hopefully I don’t need to go anytime soon again.

Hope to see you back soon



Ps, After a month of being here I am slowly starting to see the pattern of the sea colour and the weather forecast. I don’t ever recall seeing the sea change it’s colour so often and rapid. Not only shades of blue, green and brown also menacing greys and almost black.

I now get an understanding why painters love how the light and colours bounce here in Spain.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell- this morning I walked on the paseo passing the mobile homes on the first row and there was one where the top bedroom windows curtain was open and lying in bed a man was taking pictures on his mobile phone of the sun rise. That looked so funny!





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