Day 19-27 – Life of Riley

2nd of April was my Birthday, a hot and beautiful day I celebrated by going to the restaurant on the site to sample their food. I must say the standards were unexpectedly high and the food was good. I happily “rolled” down the hill to Riley watched an hour telly went to bed and fell almost immediately fell asleep.

The next morning looked promising. The dogs had a run and tumble on the beach enjoying themselves thoroughly. A lot of people have left the campsite, so it has got a lot more quiet, almost like a ghost town. I don’t mind at all.

Midday the sun is high and it is hot, walking the dogs is a very slow affair, we go about 20 steps and stop in the shade, a 10 min walk takes 30 mins.

On our way back a Weimaraner bitch off the lead comes up wants to see my lot all on leads. Shea is sat in the shade behind me, Bo-Jangles is running round me getting me all tied up as is Benny. I bend down to untangle my legs and all of a sudden that bitch bites y bum. The owner an old Spaniard just kicks the dog and walks by says he wants Bo-Jangles and disappears with his dog.

My behind hurts, I go back to Riley to see how bad it is. James for a second doesn’t believe me until I pull down my trousers to show him – there are three teeth marks, thank goodness not bleeding too bad, I washed the wound with Aloe Jojoba hand and face soap, then sprayed it with Aloe First put Aloe Propolis Creme as an anti septic and preventative measures.

The question now was whether to go to the health center to get a tetanus jab?

I can’t remember when I last had one. So James and I decide to go. Of course it is a Sunday, so we have to drive into Estepona and find it there.

Well That is another moment I’d rather forget. Driving the new car into Estepona looking for the Health Center with a vague idea where it is and a sore bum. Even though I had asked a few people where it was, including a taxi driver I abandoned the search after what seemed like hours of driving around in circles. One would think there are sign posts for something as important as a Health Center . I felt as if I was dying of stress. I drove back to Riley.

The next day I went into the next town Sabanillas and found the Health Centre. After standing in a queue for about 15 mins the receptionist said they couldn’t treat me with only my passport. Of course as I have only ever been to the doctor 2 in UK and never in Spain, I hadn’t thought of getting a NHS health card. They offered to do the treatment if I paid cash – I thought ok it can’t be that bad for one injection and asked how much.

The answer nearly made me faint. Without the injection itself 70 euros excl. vat, so that would have been about a total of 100 euros to get a tetanus. I refused and walked away.

I have had no side effects from the bite and the appliance of the Propolis creme twice a day has healed everything up only small spots ( like mosquito bites) are left now.

If I can get a photo of this guy with his dog I’ll post it everywhere. I haven’t seen him or the dog since.

We are still no further with the toilet repair. We have called our friend Patrick who will come by in three days. I have found a company that does parts in the UK, they have sent me an instruction manual with parts to identify – however I have no idea what I am looking for without taking the toilet out which will happen hopefully when Patrick comes with some tools. The blockage is slowly clearing, as I clear the tank every second day.

This is where I wish I had a composting toilet. I was researching them and if I had the money I’d settle for the Natureshead one, which would fit perfectly. Then I wouldn’t have this sort of problem, be more “green”, no odour and get plant soil.

I did a general “health” check on Riley today

-start the engine, generator, air con cold, furnace hot, gas boiler for water, water pump, fans, all lights and checked the windscreen wipers with water fill etc.. all seems good and in working order

Tomorrow I’ll check the outside roof conditions, tires, LPG, seals and hopefully get round to cleaning the windows as well. That fell short today as I needed to go shopping for groceries and do some washing.

We have found that having a “menu del dia” is the cheapest way of eating out at eight euros per head and includes a starter, main, dessert and drinks.

If one would go daily for ones meal of the day then one does save money on electricity /gas (cooking). One could live then on 15 euros a day food wise including some shopping for breakfast and dinner.

We have had 30 degrees centigrade the last two days and the night temperatures are getting warmer now too and hitting the double figures averaging 12 degrees Celsius.

I try to get a siesta of an hour in the afternoon, just chilling trying to sleep in my  beach hammock.

The site is being prepared for the summer, all the hedges and trees are being pruned and some of the palm trees are being dressed (their skirts are being taken off). The sea has now got it’s rolling sound with the surf crashing on the soft sandy beach. Shea was in it this afternoon playing silly buggars up to her knees when a big wave came and rolled over her back – she was delighted, running after the surf wanting more. Benny was rather layed back about it all and just kept to the wet, no surf sand and little Bo Jangles just had his paws in the surf every so often.

So I managed to film the walk into Duquesa Port. It was lovely! What one doesn’t see in the video is on the way back I stopped to let another dog by and the paseo garden sprinklers came on! Shea and I got a soaking from behind! That would have been a candid camera moment!

As soon as we got back to Riley we all had some Roast chicken which I picked up yesterday. It was done over fire wood, so had a lovely flavour. Then we all had a rest. I hung out in the hammock. James in the outside recliner and the dogs in Riley with the Cool fan going.


Oh a couple of pics from France taking a break in an Aire.


Bye for now, see you later …


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