Life of Riley – Day 12-18

The dogs have found out the sea is a cool wet to enjoy, Shea goes for a mini swim, ben dabbles in the puddles left behind by the waves and Bo-Jangles wets his feet in the surf and lays in the wet sand just above the water reach line. I have finally sais properly hello to my next but one neighbours, that are also long term stayers John and Marge. They also have an american RV a Monaco Knight. John is always busy doing something on the or around the RV, today he was pulling up the weeds around and trimming the hedges.They have added a touch to their RV like flower pots hanging from the front mirrors, which are pretty to see when walking by. I would like to get some air plants inside to help with any kind of moisture in Riley and it looks good.

I must mention at this point there always is a learning curve with RV’s especially if they are “preloved”. Our first challenge has popped up. We have had a sewage problem in the bathroom toilet. Not a good one unfortunately the solids backed up , needn’t say more.

Obviously the former owner did not know one always leaves the black and the grey tank valve shut, even when hooked up to direct sewage disposal and then empties every two weeks or whenever necessary.

Now there is a double problem

A) get rid of the problem in the black tank, this might take months to totally clear it all out, as I haven’t got a flush hose or swizzel stick either

B) the flange also took a hit and split, so we need to source a new one, the RV shop in Sabanillas doesn’t have the same brand or something that fits. Also I haven’t any tools to get the toilet and the carpet off.

My plan is to ring a friend who is a marine boat expert, maybe he can help.


We have had another weather change, most noticeably at night the winds come up, boy and they do they are strong enough to shake Riley. By the morning 8am they have quietened down a lot. The dogs enjoy walking at this hour, it’s slightly cool and the wind invigorates them. The sea has a dark blue colour almost that of Riley. By 10am the wind is still going but it has got a lot warmer. The advantage of the wind is (selfish me) nobody is on the beach.

Late last night it was pleasantly warm when walking the dogs and I heard coming from the river next to the campsite frog-song amoungst the bulrushes. Bo-Jangles didn’t know what to do, it made him a little nervous – I suppose they sound different to the pond frogs at home.

I also have had a long chat with newcomers on the pitch behind, they are German, he used to sail a lot and has given that up now. The chat all came about as I was introducing my three to their patter-dale terrier. The day before they saw me washing my three smellies and commented on it. On the whole this site is very international, I ought to brush up some of my language skills.

I also have another tip: If you have a big enough freezer and see a bread offer, take it.

Spanish fresh baked bread is fabulous, the half barras (similar to french stick) were still hot out the oven I bought 5 for a Euro, got to Riley, stuck them in freezer bags (one per) and bunged them into the freezer. I have taken one out every morning, put into the convection oven for 5mins and out comes a crisp warm delicious barra.

Too windy at the moment to make a video – it will be too noisy, but as soon as I can I will do one to share more with you all.

Snapshot 1 (24-03-2016 16-06).png

Bye for today


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