Day 5-11 The Life of Riley

When life is good time flies so fast. I keep pinching myself. I have been walking the beach a lot enjoying the sites and trying out different walk times to see when is best to have the dogs with me but off the lead not with many other dogs about, so that I can bring my camera out to take some video and still footage to share.

If you think Spain is a cheap place to live – you might be surprised that prices are almost the same as in the UK or more expensive if you are looking even for creature comforts of ready made salads or meals – they are double what you pay in UK and nowhere as good.

We have just experienced 3 days of nearly solid rain, of which two days were super heavy.

I am glad to report we had no major leaks in Riley only one tiny drip I’ll investigate after buying a ladder (and some cocking) to get up on the roof and just seal maybe bits that have gone a bit brittle.

This leads me to a tip – What things to consider whilst going RVing

  • take a heater and fan – they consume less energy than the air-con
  • take some warm clothing – not that it gets cold in temperature, but the damp air makes it feel a lot cooler
  • take rain gear
  • get a dehumidifier – strictly speaking what I have is not a dehumidifier it is a moisture absorber – the “Unibond Aero Pure 360”  I bought 2 thinking I might need them both on the 36′ Riley but one does the job.
  • make sure you have a decent hoover – I didn’t take mine relying on what was left in here – what an annoyance it doesn’t hoover up the sea sand nor the dog hair properly, I have to crawl in my knees using only the hose to get anything sucked up half decently. A laugh for anyone that is watching…. Oh on that note – many RVers choose to take out the carpet and replace it with lino or laminate or tiles – before doing that rethink, as the slide-out will let in a lot more cool air and make the floor a lot cooler to the foot and ambiance.
  • If you have pets take covers for all seats thank goodness I took super king size sheets with me – they are now covering all major seating. Next time I might take the sewing machine with me and make them look like proper seat covers, but for now they will do.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you about the connectivity problem once it starts raining. In Spain when it rains the TV scrambles and the internet connections go down big stile, so make sure you get a good internet signal receiver either an iBoost or a MiFi or both – I am looking into that now too. I am researching which is best for where we are. Did I mention the internet connection is awful to put it mildly , not only in the rain. I think I have found a solution (a Booster won’t do so it will have to be a Mifi situation, satelite isn’t good in this corner either and way tto expensive) only nearly everything is closed on Good Friday- Easter Monday. Oh the joys I remember of living in Campello/Alicante years back where we rented a house only to find that the telephone and internet socket on the walls were fake (just screwed on to pretend one can get a phone line in). We spent a fortune on mobile charges for a year, The irony of the whole story was that 50 metres at the back of our garden was the telephone wire post and telefonica promised us to lay the aerial line to the house(that never happened).

So later this week I will be out there taking a video and posting it (hopefully that works) onto Youtube. Yesterday afternoon I had the most beautiful rainbow right in front of my “office” window. Just shows I have to have the camera on the ready at all times.

I have done a video, however I can’t load it up at the moment.

Easter Week and the sight has a few more people on it, it seems there is a dog on nearly every Motor-home, to the delight of my three. They just love sitting on the front seats and looking out the window watching all the to and fro’s. I had to laugh yesterday two vans turned up in front and both had an Eriba Puck (not as mine was) towing behind.


So for today – Good Bye


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