The Life of Riley

Well, we got here in Spain just in the nick of time before the camp site closes. We had totally under estimated the travel time from UK via the Euro tunnel to Estepona end of the Costa del Sol. The three dogs were a dream to drive with, there were no problems at all even though they were a little cramped. Thank goodness the Aires through France are so good and clean these days. We did many stops for them to stretch their legs, water and feed them. Bo-Jangles traveled in the basket of the mobility scooter “Mobi-Dog”, Ben on the seat of it and Shea on the rear passenger seat.

The rest of the car was loaded with dog kibble and dehydrated dog meat, that I had prepared before leaving (goes down a real treat and doesn’t go off in the heat), with dog toys and blankets, a hold all and a small rucksack with my clothes, a duvet and my memory foam pillow (can’t sleep well without) and travel food for on the way, not to have to spend too much and waste time on finding somewhere to get food on the way. Oh and a few luxury items like my hot/cold fan, Aloe products and a hammock (what on earth did I take that for – I don’t really know – but as it happens on the beach there are posts I could give it a go on.).


Day 1-3 ( how the routine is starting to pan out)

I spent most of the day unpacking, sorting, and giving Riley the once over clean inside (the out side needs doing, but need to get the ladders for that).

The dogs are acclimatizing to the new routine:

Out early, just after dawn (don’t take out dogs at dusk and dawn when the sand flies that transmit Leichmanosis and mosquitoes are most active) walking the paseo maritimo in the cool (12-14 Celcius), the other advantage is hardly anyone is up that time, so they can have a good run also on the beach.

Breakfast when back – snooze time for them, online work for me.

Lunch time between 1pm and 2pm a very short walk, just for a pee as the temp has now already risen to 18-20 Celsius

I did the washing to hang out today ( it dried within the two hours of my siesta)

Lunch for us , then siesta for a couple of hours

Afternoon mini walk, again just for a pee

I will start preparing dinner or hoover or do odds and ends, shopping for groceries and maybe some more internet fun, or read for an hour on the kindle.

The early evening when it’s cooler we have Dinner as do the dogs, discuss the next day, watch some TV then a proper walk in the cool of the evening and to bed.

Our neighbours are very friendly, both those next to us but one and in front but two to the right, both speak English – not that it matters to me whether they speak English, German or Spanish. Generally everyone on this site seems to be like a big family, mostly very friendly.

I am still getting to grips with the ins and outs of Riley as it is my first RV.

I will not complain at all it is all luxury, everything is working, everything is in good condition and Riley is spacious compared to many I have seen. Even the fridge freezer is big enough for a foodie like me if well planned and packed for two weeks of supplies.  I don’t feel I need more space. The proof in the pudding whether there will be some cabin fever or not will be next week where we have rain forecast over the space of four days ( not all day, but also one day with potential thunderstorms – what an adventure!).

The drivers seat has been put back to the delight of Bo-Jangles, who now can look out the window and see everything that goes on.



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