Another Day in Paradise- The transition has begun

Sheila and Puck have been sold – And we have found our American RV!

It’s an A Class, 34ft National Tropical. A lot bigger than we were looking for, however he provides us with everything we need.

We are going to stay in “Riley” for a few months and get used to him first before travelling.

We have also decide not to sell the house for the time being, as we will be going back and forth until we are comfortable enough to go full time on Riley.

So at the moment he is on what one call a super pitch with electricity, wifi, water and black tank hook up.

James is already on Riley ( has been for the past 3 weeks), he will  come home soon to pick me and the dogs up to stay together for a little while, when he then will leave me and the dogs to stay on whilst he goes home to organise a few things, business visits, pack some more vital things for Riley etc…

Riley numberplate

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