Aloe vera to get back that natural glow – P2

Apart from these on surface benefits, Aloe vera gel has a lot of medicinal properties which makes it a universal product.
Dr Sheilly Kapoor, senior dermatology consultant at Medanta says, “Aloe vera gel widely serves four purposes, it is anti-inflammatory and prevents redness, it has a lot of skin healing properties, it is an excellent moisturiser that hydrates skin and it is a soothing cooling agent, thus ideal for summers.”
While sunburns, heat rashes and prickly heat are the common skin problems that are caused in summers, Aloe vera gel is helpful to relieve all of the above.
“It can be easily incorporated in gel-based preparations, which makes it more user-friendly. A present day hot trend, Aloe vera gel is a complete moisturiser and is highly recommend. I like it better when mixed in a juice or shake, and it works miracles within.” Incorporate the miraculous gel in your life and feel the difference!

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