TCM – White Atractylodes – Stoke your Digestive Fire

White Atractylodes – Stoke your Digestive Fire

What is it?

White Atractylodes herb is a root related to the Ginger plant, tradionally used to treat physical and mental fatigue, diarrhea, edema, dizziness and to lower blood sugar levels. As a tonic, its most notable quality is to support digestive function, most notably to increase digestive ‘fire’, a lack of which leads to food not being properly digested, leading to all kinds of health challenges. It’s also powerful to resolve ‘damp’ conditions in the body, which relate to conditions like candida, food intolerances, weight gain, sinusitis and fungal infections.

Why’s it worth you trying?

Definitely worth trying if you have any digestive challenges, or any of the other issues mentioned above. Also worth trying as part of a muscle gain or fat loss program. Well worth adding if you prefer a diet which tends to be cold and wet, like a raw food diet, as this will tend to dampen digestive fire over time in many cases.


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