TCM – Ho She Wu – Longevity Herb

Ho She Wu – Longevity Herb

What is it?

Ho She Wu, also written He Shou Wu, or any combination of these words, is a root based herb. To be made into it’s Tonic form, the type we’re interested in here, it must be prepared in a particular way with black beans, and it’s Prepared Ho She Wu we’re really interested in, although it’s the most common version so normally it’s abbreviated to just Ho She Wu.

Ho She Wu is the most popular deep replenishment herb, and is famous for it’s anti aging effects, most notably sometimes being able to make hair go from grey back to it’s natural colour, and grow back thicker than before. Research has also shown it’s ability to lower blood cholesterol, enhancing the immune system and promoting the formation of red blood cells.


Why’s it worth you trying?

If you’re interested in keeping your body and mind young and vital for as long as possible, this herb is certainly a must. Especially relevant to try if you’re showing any signs of premature aging, whether mentally or physically, or if you feel depleted or fatigued. Note: Make sure not to confse the tonic Prepared Ho She Wu with Raw Ho She Wu, a different non-tonic herb. Also, make sure if you buy a powdered version to only buy an extract powder. While non-extract powders commonly available are not harmful, they’re also not digestible, making them a waste of time and money.


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