TCM – Dendrobium – Hydrator and Nourisher

Dendrobium – Hydrator and Nourisher

What is it?

Dendrobium is the stem of an orchid traditionally used primarily to replenish fluids, including such conditions as dry mouth, stomach pain, mouth sores, sunstroke, and other conditions caused by dry weather, pollution or smoke. It’s used to keep the skin moist, long term use resulting in beautiful, supple skin. Most importantly, it’s used to replenish deep reserves. Depletion and dehydration so often go hand in hand, and anyone can observe that as we get older and less vital, we start to dry up more and more. For this reason Dendrobium is also an important herb for Rejuvenation and Longevity.

Why’s it worth you trying?

Absolutely worth trying if you often feel like you have a dry mouth, dry skin, or if you feel that no matter how much liquid you consume it’s not satisfying you. Also certainly worth trying for having more supple skin, and for aging more gradually and gracefully than you might do otherwise.



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