TCM – Cat’s Claw – Immune Supporter

Cat’s Claw – Immune Supporter

What is it?

Cat’s Claw herb gets it’s name from the hooks that exist on this vine, of which the bark and root are most commonly used. It’s traditionally been used for curing all kinds of diseases, especially those related to digestion and inflammation. More recently it’s been discovered to be an excellent tonic adaptogen as well, giving the Immune system a fantastic boost to work better very quickly. It’s also been used for it’s high antioxidant content, it’s ability to get the digestion process moving, for lowering blood pressure, and as a diuretic (moves trapped water out of the body, often referred to in Chinese Medicine as ‘Damp’).

Why’s it worth you trying?

Cat’s Claw is most worth trying for it’s extraordinary Immune Supporting properties. Try it either in small dosages if you feel some kind of infection, like a cold, coming on, or in higher dosages if you already have an infection to remove it as soon as possible. Also worth trying if you have other immune issues like allergies, as it can provide support with those quickly too.


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