Using Forever Aloe Vera for Lupus




Start drinking a very high quality Aloe Vera Gel several times a day. Begin with a small amount (around a desert spoon) at least 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch and last thing at night. Increase this gradually over 2 weeks until you are taking about 3 tablespoons, 3 times a day.
WHY? Usually sufferers of Lupus have affected kidneys caused by the suppression of the immune system. This is also accompanied by inflammation of the joints that can be mistaken for Arthritis. Conventional Treatment in the majority of cases is by large amounts of cortisone for long periods of time (to reduce the inflammation) but this has many affects such as blocking the functions of the immune system and weight gain. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory, pain inhibitor, antibiotic and cell regenerator (as anyone who has used it for sunburn will testify to!) and many have experienced great relief with it.

Take a high quality Bee Propolis tablet 3 times a day with meals.
WHY? Bee Propolis is the most powerful natural antibiotic known to man and helps to boost the body’s immune system.

Take Beta Carotene supplements twice a day.
WHY? Beta-Carotene (a form of Vitamin A that the body finds easy to absorb) helps eliminate the dryness of eyes and other tissues that can affect some Lupus Sufferers.

Take High Quality Vitamin C tablets (that do not contain cheap fillers, starch and sugars) 3 times a day.
WHY? Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant (a stronger form is Lycium but it depends on the individual case) that will help prevent cholesterol blocking arteries and boost the immune system.
Take two Multi-minerals 3 times a day with meals
WHY? These are important, especially iron, for combating anaemia, and calcium, to prevent osteoporosis.

Take 1 pure garlic supplement 3 times a day with meals
WHY? People suffering from Lupus can have high cholesterol. Garlic is an excellent natural way to keep the arteries clean and it also acts as an antibiotic

How long will it take for Aloe Vera to work with Lupus?

The speed of recovery will depend primarily on the quality of Aloe and supplements being taken. Do not expect miraculous results.

It will take time to clear the lupus and because Aloe Vera repairs the skin from the inside out, symptoms may look worse before they look better. As a very general rule of thumb allow one month for every year the Lupus has been there.

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