“Eggs in a Window”



This is a very easy dish to make that has very few ingredients, and can be taken with you and eaten on your commute to work in the mornings.


The ingredients are your basics:



Margarine, Butter or Vegetable Oil

Spices (Salt, Pepper, Garlic, your choice here)

You’ll need a heat source, such as a stove, and a frying pan large enough to hold the slice of bread that you’ll be using. A tight fitting lid helps the cooking time along, but is not necessary.

You will also need to cut or make a hole in the middle of your bread slice. A cookie cutter works great here, and you can make fun shapes with them. I have chosen to use a penguin shape for this instructable. If you don’t have cookie cutters, just use a knife to cut a shape out of the center of your bread slice. This can be a circle, a square, a triangle, a heart, a star, a rhombus, a hexagon, a decagon… you get the idea.




Place the cookie cutter on your slice of favorite type of bread and press down firmly on the cookie cutter, using a flat surface underneath your bread slice (cutting board or counter top). Flip the slice of bread over. When you see all of the cutting edge from the opposite side, remove the cookie cutter and it’s cut out piece. Place the cut out piece to the side and decide what you want to do with it later. I usually throw it at the dog (he’ll catch it and swallow it all in one motion), fly it in the back garden for the birds or fry it up in the pan with the left over butter and spices.





Pre-heat your pan on medium low heat. Place your choice of oil (I use butter) in the pre-heated pan and swirl it around, coating the bottom. Add the slice of bread and slide it all over the pan, trying to get all the oil into the bread. This helps the browning process.

Crack an egg into the center of your bread slice, or “window” cut out. If you want, you can scramble your egg before this step, or eliminate the yoke if that is your thing, then pour it into the “window”.

Add whatever spices you desire. I keep it simple and just use salt, pepper and garlic powder, but feel free to use whatever seasoning you like.

Cover the pan with a lid. This helps to cook the top of the egg a little and helps when it comes time to flip the slice of bread over.

You guessed it. When the bread is starting to brown up and the egg is about half way cooked, flip it over and continue cooking until your desired doneness.

I like my yokes semi-cooked so that I can pick up the slice of bread and eat it as opposed to using utensils.


Eat and enjoy! TA DA!


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