5 Ways to Conceal Your Age

How to use concealer to hide 5 common skin problems

some products I have tested …


Skin-care products can take weeks to show results. For gratification, like, now, reach for concealer.  Using a creamy formula might be better as liquids can cake in wrinkles.

Undereye Circles
Rub a concealer brush in a pot of orange-based concealer (orange neutralizes the purple and blue tones of circles); try BeneFit Erase Paste in Medium . Working from the Inner corners out, brush over dark areas; if darkness still shows through, apply an extra coat.

A yellow-based concealer will cut the redness and help the pimple fade into the surrounding skin. Using a concealer brush, apply a dot the size of the blemish directly on it and blend the colour out and around the mark; tap translucent powder on top to set the concealer. Try Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Concealer .

You should actually avoid concealer and “spackle”-type products: “These would help if you didn’t smile or move your face at all”. “The less texture you put on wrinkles, the better they look.” What you can use? A brightening serum, to reflect light in a softer way. Try Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum ).

Dip your ring finger into a yellow-based camouflage, and then lightly tap over the patch of rosacea until redness has disappeared.

Dark Spots
After dabbing orange-based cover-up onto a spot with a concealer brush, blend by lightly tapping with your ring finger; repeat until the spot is invisible. Set with translucent powder.

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