What to do with greasy hair and no time to wash?

I am sure you have come across this problem. The hair is just off it’s best but you have to make it last another day maybe two if pushed.

Well there are three “products” I have used tried and tested.

All work very well – you choose which you like best.

A) Baking Soda

This has two advantages one that it also takes out the greasy “smell” and it can be used on sensitive sculps without leaving a white/grey residue.

You basicly take between 1 tsp and 1tblsp (short hair 1flat tsp, mid length 1heaped tsp, long 1flat tbsp) of Baking Soda rub it gently into the roots of the dry hair, leave it for a couple of minutes then brush out and proceed like normal.

One can also make “mini” wash by adding the Baking Soda into a spray bottle with water (about 1 part of Baking Soda to 3 parts of water) spraying that onto the hair so the hair is moist but not wet, let it dry naturaly or with cold blow of hairdryer then brush out

B) Talcum Powder

use the same amounts as above for dry hair only and brush out

C) Cocoa Powder (if you have dark hair dark blonde to black, then this is best to use).

Use same dry amounts as above. On dry hair only!

Cocoa Powder takes more brushing out than the other two as it is a lot finer, but has the benefit of also conditioing the hair, you might not get it all out if you are in a hurry, so that’s why I said best for dark hair.

I have naturally a chestnut colour, i used this method for a 4 day on foot trek through the indonesian jungle, where one also had to consider using something that kreepy-crawlies didn’t like. I wasn’t going to wash my waist long hair in a jungle stream with goodness know what creatures in it and then drip dry for ages. So the Cocoa Powder did the job! I only applied it once rather libraly then brushed every morning and evening.

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1 Response to What to do with greasy hair and no time to wash?

  1. I’ve never heard of the cocoa powder! Just baby powder, but you’re right… for darker hair this leaves an unsightly white mark making your hair look gray, haha.
    Thanks for posting!

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