Composting Toilet – A pleasant voyage

An Introduction

Many people now know about composting toilets, particularly those in the alternative movement who are quite familiar with composting in their gardens, and who understand the advantages of recycling and simplification of our needs.

But to the many others who have not really thought about where their sewage goes after flushing, the thought of composting their own waste is a little uncomfortable.

Objectionable questions are fired at you when you first introduce the concept to someone, and many persons leave the subject still thinking that a composting toilets is a old pit (outhouse) toilet, remembered unpleasantly from camping trips.

Well, composting toilets are far from being pit toilets! They range from simple twin chamber designs through to advanced systems with rotating tynes, temperature and moisture probes and electronic control systems.

They are effective biological converters of human and household “waste,” saving money and energy for the person and community. They start the regeneration of the Earth’s precious environment that is long overdue.

In UK there are various retailers as well:

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