Cat Toys- by Peggy


After rinsing a used ketchup bottle, I decided it had a different destination than the recycling bin.

Cats love a puzzle. And better yet, I didn’t have to spend anything to make this toy. I already had the toy mouse to go inside.

cat-toy-outside.JPGThis is a very easy reuse project, plus if you save the bottle cap, your options widen even more, but we’ll talk about that in a bit.

What I used:
Clean wide-mouth ketchup bottle
Elmer’s glue (non-toxic)
Tea tags

The junk project:
-Remove bottle label by soaking in hot water. After the bottle is dry, plan your design.

-In my case, I decided to make a simple cat face from jute. It doesn’t really matter want you choose as long as you don’t completely cover the bottle. The idea is to allow kitty to see inside it.

-I drew my design with a Sharpie and then applied glue one section at a time. I cut the jute to match my design and applied.

-For the whiskers, I untwisted a piece of jute. This gave me three thinner, curly pieces to use.

-For the nose and inside of ears, I cut out designs from a raspberry tea tag.

-I considered using buttons for the eyes, but they looked creepy and I was afraid my cat would eat them. So, I drew the eyes on with a Sharpie.

As always, supervise your cat when playing with the toy. Make sure you haven’t used any materials your cat may eat. Use non-toxic glue.

Additional kitty uses:
Cat treat container — Put treats inside and shake before treating. Cats learn this noise and react when you’re about to give them a treat. Keep lid for this use.

Catnip infuser — Put mice or other toys inside with catnip when not in use. The catnip bath will keep pets interested in toys when you bring them back out. Keep lid for this use.

Cat food scoop — Cut off portion near mouth for a handy scoop.

Would your cat enjoy this junk toy?

Images via Peggy Rowland.

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