Make biodegradable seeding pots.

Make your own fast green, biodegradable seeding pot, in which you can grow your seeds. After the seeds rooted you can put the hole pot into the next pot or into the dirt outside. The roots will pervade the paper pots while the newspaper rots.


step 1Supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • a newspaper
  • a scissor
  • something cone-shaped in the diameter you want your pots Supplies.

step 2Cut or rip some stripes.

Cut or rip some stripes of the newspaper. The dimensions are chosen by you. The length will be just the width of the newspaper. Choose the width a bit wider than you want your pot to be high (make funny comments about that and I’ll bite your head off).

Cut or rip some stripes.

2008-07-29 IMG_2991.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_2992.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_2993.jpg

step 3Roll it.

Lay the cone shaped object of your choice onto the paper and roll the paper around it, it should cover the hole thing. You can also use the paper double layered, if you want the pots to be more stiff.
The paper must overlap the object you wrap around. This overlapping part, you crumple together, building the bottom of the pot.

Roll it.

2008-07-29 IMG_2994.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_2995.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_2996.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_2997.jpg

step 4Crumple and turn!

Hold on the bottom end, locate it in position, while you turn the paper with your other hand to stiff the pot.
Pay attention on not ripping the paper.
Now your pot is finished. Pull it off the cone.

Crumple and turn!

step 5Finished pots and area of application.

On the pictures underneath you see the finished pot in its area of application.

Mine are very unaesthetic, but I made them quick and it works for my purposes.

Finished pots and area of application.

2008-07-29 IMG_2999.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_3000.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_3001.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_3002.jpg2008-07-29 IMG_3003.jpg
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