Fish friendly Sushi

  1. Step 1

    Step 1Here are all of the templates you need for this project.

    Or make up your own templates, it’s pretty easy.

  2. Body: 11cm long 7cm wide

  3. large circle 6.5 cm  small circle 3 cm
  4. Seaweed: 4 cm wide by 24 cm long
  5. Step 2

    Step 2Cut out all of the templates. Notice how the small circle is designed to fit inside the fish’s mouth.
  6. Step 3

    Step 3Take the fish body template and draw around it on the yellow felt, flip it over and draw around it again.
  7. Step 4

    Step 4Cut these felt shapes out.
  8. Step 5

    Step 5Draw around the fish tail, fin and flipper templates twice on to orange felt, remembering to flip the template before drawing the second.
  9. Step 6

    Step 6Cut these out.
  10. Step 7

    Step 7Thread a needle with yellow thread and place the two felt fish bodies together, so that the wrong side (the side that may have a bit of pen around the edges) face out.

    Start stitching around the fish with a hemming stitch, working backwards from the mouth.

  11. Step 8

    Step 8When you get to the places where the back fin and tail should go, flip the fish inside out, place the two pieces of fin or tail (right side facing out) in between the body and stitch in place with a running stitch.
  12. Step 9

    Step 9Flip the fish inside out again and continue sewing. Stop when you reach the mouth, you want to leave this unstitched and open.
  13. Step 10

    Step 10Flip it again so that the right side is facing out. Stitch the two flippers on to either side.
  14. Step 11

    Step 11Take the white felt and draw around the large circle template twice.
  15. Step 12

    Step 12Take the small circle template and draw around it in the center of one, and only one, of the felt circles.
  16. Step 13

    Step 13Cut out the two larger circles and cut out the small circle from the center of one of the circles.
  17. Step 14

    Step 14Draw around the sushi seaweed template on to the green felt and cut it out.
  18. Step 15

    Step 15Thread a needle with white thread. I used quite thick thread for this as this part of the fish and sushi will have the most wear and tear. Place the fishes mouth around the inside circle and stitch in to place. Put this to the side for the moment.
  19. Step 16

    Step 16Take the second circle and the strip of green felt and stitch the green felt around the circle.
  20. Step 17

    Step 17When you’ve stitched all the way around the circle, stitch up the open side and cut off any excess green felt.
  21. Step 18

    Step 18Now take the circle with the fish (wrong side facing out) and stitch around it on to the green felt, leave a tiny unstitched opening so that you can turn it inside out again. Turn inside out (so that the right side is facing out and stitch up the rest of the sushi.
  22. Step 19

    Step 19Glue some wiggly eyes on to the fish.
  23. Step 20

    Step 20Voila! Now have fun turning the fish in to sushi and the sushi in to fish. It’s like magic!
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