Pets toys


Birds love to nibble, chew and shred things with their beaks and feet. Tissue paper, shoelaces, and anything with bristles will keep those fine-feathered friends entertained for hours. Anything wooden, old children’s blocks, yarn spools, or spoons, can make a great bird chewy toy. Here’s a creative way to recycle that solitary glove that has lost its partner. (The heavier material the better). Put different goodies (a cork, a wooden button, a plastic bead) into each finger of the glove, and sew up the top. Punch a hole through both sides of the glove and hang it up by a string for Tweety to enjoy.


Paper towel or toilet paper rolls are fantastic hamster toys. Cardboard mazes are also great fun. Take a large piece of cardboard as the base. Then cut strips of cardboard and tape or glue them down to the base in different directions forming your maze. It’s a good idea to draw this on paper first.

Note: Pet toys are often more dangerous than they’re worth. Inspect a toy before you give it to your furry friend for sharp edges, loose pieces, non-edible dyes or materials, or choking hazards. Even toys that are safe on the onset, with time, can become hazardous. Periodically, check that toys are still suitable for your cosy companion.

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