Bird cage cover

Bird Cage Night Cover

Your birds can go to sleep in privacy with this easy-to-make bird cage cover. The sides are made as four separate panels that can be individually lifted. The panels overlap around corners to prevent corner gaps. Quick and easy to make.


Fabric (measure the front, two sides, back and top; add enough for seam allowances, hems and overlap at corners – see note below)

Thread to match fabric

Measure for fabric: I used 1/4″ seam allowance, 1″ hem and 1/4″ exra on each side of the panels for hemming the sides of the panels. I also added 1/2″ on one side of each SIDE panel for overlapping around the corner. The FRONT panel has an extra 1/2″ on each side of the front. The BACK panel does not have any overlap. The TOP is cut to exact measurement plus 1/4″ seam allowance plus 1/4″ for extra room.

EXAMPLE If the cage measured 36″ wide by 24″ high by 30″ deep, I would cut my panels as follows:

FRONT 36v x 24″
The width would be 36″ plus 1/2″ plus 1/2″ (1/2″ is added to both sides of the front so the front can overlap the side corners on each end) plus 1/4″ plus 1/4″ (hem on each side of the front panel). The total width of the front piece would be 37.5″.
The height of the fabric would be: 24″ plus 1/4″ seam allowance (the only seam allowances are at the top, where the panels are sewn to the top piece of the cage cover) plus 1v for hem. The total height would be 25.25″. So, I would cut the piece to be 37.5″ x 25.25″.

TOP 36″ x 30″
36″ plus 1/4″ plus 1/4″ (seam allowance on each end) plus 1/4″ plus 1/4″ (added room on each end). The total length of the top would be 37″. The width would computed the same way, and the total width would be 31″. I would cut my top piece to be 37″ x 31″.

SIDE 30″ x 24″
The side is computed like the front except that the 1/2 overlap is added only to the side that will wrap around the back. Therefore, the length would be: 30″ plus 1/2″ (one overlap) plus 1/4″ plus 1/4″ (hem on each side). The total length of the side piece would be 31″. The height would be computed the same as the front piece. It would be 24″ plus 1/4″ seam allowance plus 1″ hem on the bottom. The total height would be 25.25″.

The back is cut to fit, plus 1″ hem on the bottom, plus 1/4″ seam allowance at the top, plus 1/4″ hem on each side. The total back dimensions would be: 36.5″ x 25.25″.

bird cage cover pattern The drawing on the left shows the placement of the four panels. For clarity, the top is not shown. The dimensions shown are the original bird cage dimensions.

1.  Measure your bird cage. Compute the dimensions needed for your four panels plus the top.
2.  Cut out your top piece and four panels.
3.  Serge or zig-zag around all four sides of all pieces.
4.  On each panel, turn under 1/4″ on the two vertical sides. Stitch side hems.
5.  Turn under 1″ on the bottom of each of the four panels. Stitch bottom hems.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you sew the panels on in the correct order. You will start with the top. Lay down the top, right side up. Then pin and sew the panels according to the directions below. The panels will be sewn to the top right sides together, with the top edge of each panel pinned to the side edges of the top piece. Be sure that you pin the correct panel to the correct side of the top. For example, the FRONT and SIDE panels in our example must be pinned to the long sides of the top piece; the side panels would be pinned to the short sides of the top piece.

The pieces are layered as follows: first pin and sew the FRONT piece, then the two side pieces, then the BACK piece. The back is last because it will then end up on the inside (under) all the other pieces.


bird cage cover pattern Pin the FRONT panel so that the overlap ends go around the corner on each end.
After the front is sewn into place, pin and sew the two side panels into place. Last, pin and sew the back panel into place.

Turn right side out and place over bird cage.

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