Padded Pet / Cat bed


Cat/ Pet Bed Tutorial

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you’ll need the following :
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* Some fabric (I’ve used a tablecloth, old flannel sheets and an old robe.. I got the fabric in the photo from a Joannes scrap bin). The whole project usually comes out to be about a yard a bed, with a little left over. You’ll need enough for the sides (two times the height plus about 2 inches) and enough for two circles for the cushion inside, and the bottom of the bed.
* scissors
* adhesive glue (I use it – I suppose you could stitch instead)
* some straight pins
* a sewing machine
* quilters batting or something similar. I like the hi loft.
* something stiff that can be curved into a big circle.. I found some plastic sheets in our barn, but I suppose you can use cardboard.
* cardboard for the bottom of the bed.
* at least one cat.
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First step – decide on the size of the bed. Figure out how big the bed should be. I tried measuring my cat .. but …
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Puma said he would measure himself thank you very much. We decided a bed that is 44 inches in circumference would suit a big kitty like Puma. Remember, kitties like to squeeze into small places.

Take whatever you’re using to make the ‘wall’ of the bed, be it plastic or cardboard, and create a circle of the above circumference. (I had to tape some sheets together to get the right length. No matter.. it’s gonna be covered up.) Does it look about the right size for your kitty to snuggle in? Okay!

Lie it (cardboard or other) flat… and adhere the batting using the glue (or stitch it on).
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I usually fold it over twice for the inside of the bed (nice and soft!) with one layer on the outside.
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Cut and cover with the fabric. Leave a little hanging off .. you’ll need that to stitch the bottom of the bed to.
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Here’s where the sewing machine comes in .. use it to sew the two sides together, to cover the batting.
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Sew the two ends of the side together (I do this by hand, I suppose you could use the machine) and stitch in the bottom. Any excess fabric , stitch so it goes INSIDE the bed.

Now for the bottom cushion..
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TADA! I just tape it on the bottom. What can I say,  I cheat to save time 🙂
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Put the cushion inside .. and
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Just add the cat.. and you’ve got a cat bed! (Puma ran off .. he only poses when he wants to 🙂

It really beats shelling out  for a cat bed every few months. And you can just rip off the fabric when it gets funky and recover it.

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