Hooded Baby Towl – The Frog

This hooded baby bath towel pattern is so simple yet so adorable! You can’t go wrong with a frog for both boys and girls so it makes a great shower gift. Now that my son is a toddler we bring our frog towel to the beach to dry him off and keep him cosy after a splash in the waves.

You’ll need at least a yard of green terry cloth for this hooded baby bath towel pattern and a tiny amount of black and white felt for the eyes.

Tip: To save a ton of time you can simply buy two green bath towels from a discount store. One will be the body of the towel and the other one you will cut up for the head and eyes of the frog. This takes the guessing out of how big to make it (since I make mine standard towel size anyway) and all of your edges are already finished for you!

hooded bath towel pattern

Cut out 2 half circles for the frog’s head, four almost circles (flat bottom) for eyes and two white and two smaller black felt circles for the eyes. For the head, you can just eyeball it or you can trace a large 5 gallon bucket or a small garbage can. The half circle should be at least 14″ wide, make sure not to make it any smaller than that. It may seem huge to you at first, but test it out and you’ll see! I test it out on my own head first so that I know if will continue to fit the child for a long time. For the eyes, either trace a small water glass or sketch them out freehand, just make sure they are at least 2.5″ wide.

hooded towel frog eyes

Layer your felt circles on one of the eye circles and sew as shown in red above. You can hand stitch or do it on your sewing machine if you like. Felt edges don’t fray so it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to tack them down securely. Next, you’ll put the other terrycloth eye layer on top of the felt so the eyes are wrong side out.

turn eyes right side

Sew all along the outer edge of the inside out eye except for the bottom so that you can turn it right side out. Be gentle when you turn it right side out, it is a bit tricky with these small eyes and you don’t want to tear through the terry cloth.

towel hood

Now lay your eyes upside down on the right side of the terry and tack them down by sewing. In the image shown above, the black & white part of the eyes are facing towards the table. This part is a bit confusing if you’ve never sewed from the inside out before, but look at the next step and it should make sense.

hooded towel tutorial

Lay your 2nd frog head half circle on top of the one that has the eyes sewn on and sew all along the rounded edge only. In the second photo above, you can see the eyes on the inside. So when you turn it right side out, the eyes are perfectly sewn in place!

hooded towel frog baby

Turn right side out and the adorable froggie hooded baby bath towel pattern emerges! Next, find the center of your rectangular towel (if you are not using a pre-made towel and are using fabric like I am, be sure to finish all raw edges first by turning over and sewing) and lay your frog hood on it.

hooded baby towel pattern

Sew the hood onto the towel body as shown in red above. Make sure to sew securely here, especially at the outer edges as this is the main place for the hooded towel to tear. I like to use a zigzag stitch here and go over it at least twice. Finally, you have an adorable frog all from this super simple hooded baby bath towel pattern!

baby hooded towel pattern

All done? Now go splash in the tub, pool or beach and then bundle up your little frog!

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  1. i very much prefer bath towels that are made of cotton or polyester, they are very soft and easy to dry’~:

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