Use and reuse not abuse! – Water

I live in an old thirties semi detached in England, where all the plumbing is done still the old way. Now with everything getting so much more expensive, I am looking back to my childhood in Africa, when we had a five year draught. I am now applying some of the principles I used then to get by with only 20litres a head a day.

I have attached the sink downwater pipe of my kitchen sink and bathroom baisin and bath with shower direct to a big (250l) wheely bin. I only use biodegradable soaps, shampoos etc… ( I specifically signed up free as a Forever Living Products smart consumer to get these at a 30% discount. ).

I reuse this water for the garden and pot plants.

If you attach a filter in between the end of the down water pipe and the Wheely, then you can also reuse the water for your toilet, washing mashine and dishwasher.

If you use the Washingmashine water too, please make sure you ONLY use Biodegradable washing liquids (such as MPD) and as softner vinegar or magnet balls.

The same applies for the dishwasher. If you use the water coming from that too, then ONLY use biodegradable liquid “detergant” such as MPD. Do NOT use any shine products! ( Instead put half a lemon into the cutlery rack) and use as coarse sea salt (normally used for baking fish) as the water softner.

That way the plants won’t die, when this water is used for irrigation.

How to make the filter is in the DIY section.

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